2013 Summer Bucket List

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In the last few years I’ve made a summer bucket list for me and the kids. I love it and it gives us direction on things to do as we go through our summer. Well, summer is here and it’s time to get this list going! Here’s what we intend to do this summer! 

1. Catch fireflies late at night…make sure to release them too!

2. Visit lake and have a cookout or picnic. Swim all day and enjoy the laziness of being cool in the water on a hot day.

3. Play night time flashlight hide and seek with the kids

4. Use watermelon to flavor an alcoholic drink. I did this last week and it was to die for! You must try it.

5. Try geocaching for the first time and share it with my readers.

6. Go bowling with the kids.

7. Find one thing I’ve never done and do it. Time to step out of my comfort zone.

8. Eat a meal based entirely out of my garden. No meat!

9. Make tie dye shirts. I have never done this and it would be fun for the kids to do.

10. Camp out using our tent and cooking over a fire at least once.

11. Make one whole meal outside. We have a firepit so we could do things like roast hot dogs and cook packets of potatoes in aluminum foil with onions. I’m having girl scouts campout flashbacks. Oh Yum!

12. Go on a family bike ride that goes on for about 10 miles.

13. Go on a nature hike.

14. Kayak or canoe as a family.

15. Visit a waterfalls in our area at a state park. Swim and picnic there.

16. Lay on a blanket and watch the clouds float by.

17. Nap in a hammock.

18. Take the kids to one outdoor concert or movie in the park.

19. Visit a museum we’ve not yet been too.

20. On a hot day run through the sprinkler and drink freshly made lemonade!

These are just a few ideas I had. I want to see how many I accomplish by the summer’s end. Some things like camping out may have to wait until Fall when it gets a bit cooler.  This gives me some direction and fun and adventure this summer. Wonder if my friend Susan will go do some of these things with me! One can hope! Happy Summer y’all. What’s on your summer bucket list?



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  1. Sometimes we get so lost in during the day that having a list like this is a great idea.

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