Vimbly helps you book the best classes, dates and nights out on the town! #vimbly #ad

So we are all going to be kicking ourself for not thinking of this idea our self. It’s such a great idea and yet so simple at the same idea. Go to one site, Vimbly,  and see all the listings for activities, classes and great date night ideas all in one spot. Then if you see something you want to do with your significant other you can book it right from their site. I love that. I know it’s bound to expand and hit my town as well one day.  


Here are some of the many activities you can find on the site. Glassblowing, wine tasting, dance classes, zumba, intro to improv, 20 minute meals, craft classes, photo tours and so much more. Who wouldn’t want to take some of these. I think it’d be great fun to take an intro to improv class. How fun would that be with a partner? So when you are ready to paint the town red with your partner don’t forget to check out Vimbly and pick your activities to do with your partner. You will not be sad that you did! You will be glad that you did and your partner will too! Check them out today!

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