Saving Money by consuming less…a diatribe!

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Can you save money by purchasing less and reusing what you have?

Yes, you can! Isn’t it silly that you can save money by simply consuming less stuff! But we can. Here’s my top 10 tips for less purchasing and more using what you have. 

1. Make your household cleaners. My household cleaners consist of baking soda, vinegar and dawn dish detergent. These three items clean my dishes, my bathtubs, mirrors, open drains and are even great floor cleaners. They really are all you need. 

2. Use microfiber cloths instead of paper towels. Just hang it where your paper towel dispenser goes. Voila clean hands.

3. Use wool dryer balls to help dry your clothes and do not use those freshened dryer sheets. The chemicals used in those sheets are not good for your family. Or better yet hang your clothes to dry and use no electricity.

4. Grow your own food. I had planted my garden last month and we got this huge rain for like 4 days in a row. I had to replant it yesterday…well part of it. I just had surgery so I couldn’t hoe the rows like I needed too. So I just used my little shovel and planted the most important vegetables that we often eat. I’m going to miss my larger garden this year. Anyone want to share their bounty with me? I’m trying to find some apple trees and blueberry bushes this year to expand our families power of eating what we have!

5. Less trips to the store to get forgotten items actually saves you money. Because while you are at the store you are going to purchase more then the one forgotten item. Make a list and stick to it and don’t go back if you’ve forgotten something. 

6. There’s this book I’m really wanting right now. We are low on funds until my hubby gets paid…or I do. So I want this book called the Zero Waste Home…how amazing is that. But by the own author’s advice I’m trying to get it from the library so that I will not be bringing another item into my home. Oh the waiting! Oh the patience of not consuming!

Yes the fact that I’m listing these books for sale isn’t lost on me! haha! But don’t they look like awesome books that I want to own?? Those are affiliate links if you choose to purchase a book I might make a nickel to keep this site running.

7. Do not buy more clothes then you need. I would recommend 8 shirts, 5 pants, 5 shorts and let them mix and match. We have way too many clothes. Luckily most of them were purchased at a thrift store or yard sales so not too much money spent. But we still have too many clothes. This is giving me something to aspire to! 

8. When you purchase things make them count. Let your dollars do the talking for you. Don’t purchase little crap items from the dollar store unless it’s something that you know you can use and reuse again and again. Those kids begging for dollar toys don’t need them nor do they want to clean up their room with all the little toys in it.

9. Purchase or make cloth bags to give gifts in. Think of the savings once you already have these bags. I want some of these and have been wanting them for over 3 years. Maybe I need to find some material and just make them myself!

10. If you have to purchase new items try your best to find them second hand. This saves you money and depreciation on the item. There’s so much to consider when you are trying to be respectful to our Earth and to be true to yourself.  Let your dollars speak for what you value! 

10 Replies to “Saving Money by consuming less…a diatribe!”

  1. You are so spot on. Fewer trips to the store are essential to cutting back. I ALWAYS impulse buy and if I stay out of the stores, in eliminates that problem!

  2. Thank you, this is great advice. I think I’ll get me some microfiber towels, it’s a great idea. I also like the household cleaner idea. Thank you again for sharing all this with us.

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