Need to move at high rates of speed? #MSNKnowNow

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As a blogger I’m constantly having to write, upload and get things taken care of quickly. Sometimes it’s hard to get it done. You see my clients, more often then not, would like a quick turnaround. Sometimes if I’m out of town with my family then I actually have to drive to go find wifi.  Then there’s that time I was trying to find out where my daughters competition was meeting at and I had to find the address on my phone and google map it so that I could get there in time. I made it but it was hard and I was worried that we couldn’t get there fast enough.  

That’s why I wanted to let you know about MSN and it’s new high rate of speed for all it’s devices:  IOS, Android, Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10! They’ve increased their speed on all their major platforms and are ready to carry your heavy load and do it quickly and efficiently. MSN has been around for ever. They’re a proven brand and one you can trust. So check them out on all your devices and use them as your internet browser for your phone, table, or pc. Tell me about a time you needed to be somewhere in a hurry or find something on your phone in a hurry by leaving me a comment! I love comments!  


See my disclosure with MSN by clicking the picture. 


4 Replies to “Need to move at high rates of speed? #MSNKnowNow”

  1. I just had to find directions on my phone this weekend. My mom & I were going to a concert and we weren’t sure where a restaurant was so we looked it up. I don’t know what we all did before phones 🙂

  2. I am forever needing directions to my daughters activities such as birthday parties at locations I’m not familiar with. This would really come in handy. Thanks Dina.

  3. I think I am always in a hurry! Being able to quickly look up directions and google anything at a moments notice is SO handy!

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