Willow Bay Naturals Review

I received no compensation for this Willow Bay Naturals Review. I did receive the products so that I can accurately review them. This did not affect my review of the products. This is an honest representation of Willow Bay Naturals Review and it may differ from yours. 

Willow Bay Naturals Review

My friend Marcy and I go way back.  We go way back to 2003 as a matter of fact. We were both young moms and cloth diaper store owners. We thought we could take the world by storm. We are…in different ways. I had no idea that both of us would sell our stores and get into something else.  She got into Willow Bay Naturals and is making some amazing products.  She sent me a box full for review. Here’s some pics of her great products. 

Willow Bay Naturals Reviews

 Willow Bay Naturals Review Tarts, Lotion, Soaps oh my!

As I sit here writing this review I’m smelling the vanilla buttercream soy tarts in my warmer. It makes my house smell so yummy! I have to admit it is my favorite of all the tarts she sent me. It smells like sugar cookies or vanilla cake. Yum! Another tart she sent me is called Loving Spell and it smells like a flower/citrusy smell that I can’t pinpoint. But it smells so good! She sent cinnabun which smells like cinnamon rolls are cooking in your house. And last but not least she sent me Country Bumpkin which has a homey cinnamon smell. I love them all. My warmer is the only way I scent my house. Those sprays that are sold at stores are spraying chemicals into your home. No thank you! I love my warmer and tarts from Willow Bay! Here’s my warmer pic with vanilla butter cream in it, making my house smell yummy! 

willow tart


Willow Bay Naturals Reviews: You will not be happier with another company!

She was kind enough to send me two lotions. One in lavender and one in Heavenly. Heavenly smells so good. My girl of course smelled it on me and then had to get some for herself. I just put some on and it goes on kind of thick. It’s not a thin lotion. It’s the good kind, the kind that gives you good moisture barrier and keeps it in to really hydrate your skin. Love that and now I keep it in my purse for all needs. I just read the ingredients and it’s all natural with ingredients you can pronounce and know! 

willow soap


Look at these beautiful artisan soaps. My dear hubby is in love with the oatmeal stout beer soap. I love the fresh ginger lime for it’s beauty. It is now in my guest bathroom. It reminds me of tie dye soap! They both smell wonderful and are made with natural ingredients. If you’re looking for good quality products made without crap chemicals in it then you have found the store you need to shop at! You won’t be disappointed in Marcy’s selection or service. She is the rock star of the natural soaps/tarts/lotions world. Thank you Marcy and Willow Bay Naturals for making quality products at an affordable price.  Look for a Willow Bay Naturals Review/ giveaway for Mother’s Day coming soon! 

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  1. I love the smell of vanilla and I am always lighting candles – I have not tried the Willow Bay but after your review I want to!!

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