Skinny Pop Review

I was given Skinny Pop as a review item. This is an honest representation of my feeling on the product and being given this product did not affect my review. 

skinny pop review


This product came in right after I picked up the kids for school. My children love popcorn. So of course we tore open the bag and began eating it. It is crunchy, salty, and a touch of buttery in it’s taste. It tasted really good to me. I love the fact that it  is 39 calories per cup as I am on a low carb diet so I’m watching what I eat really closely. This does have some carbs but it’s not too bad and I feel like I can eat a cup of it for only 39 calories. That’s not bad calorie wise for a fairly healthy snack. When we opened the bag my two sons feel in love with it. In 3 days they ate 3 big bags of this popcorn. I’m not sure how I’d feed my family if I wasn’t a blogger. LOL 

When you open the bag it gives you the feeling of being at a movie theater. That’s what the bag of  Skinny Pop smelled like to me. I found this at my local Walgreens and will be repurchasing it. It has no artificial anything and is cholesterol free. It’s a great snack you can feel good about giving your kids. This afternoon we are sitting down to watch the Life of Pi (free on redbox…you have to sign up for their text program and they text  you get a free movie a month).  Then we are breaking out our last bag of skinny pop. The kids will love it and I am looking forward to relaxing with the kids.  I <3 my kids! 


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  1. The popcorn looks super yummy! I am on a diet myself and would love to be able to eat healthy tasty snacks! Thanks for the great review!

    1. Thank you guys for reading. It really is yummy! You’ll enjoy it, I promise. My problem was not eating too much of it! ha!

  2. butter popcorn and kettle corn is my favorite flavors of popcorn……..and i would love to try this brand out……i’ve never heard of them before now…….thanx for the info!!!

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