Serving others changes you!

Serving the homeless

I am beyond blessed and filled with thankfulness that this people group allowed us to serve them! This weekend we went down to the Ministry Under the Bridge and helped serve the homeless. It was an awesome opportunity for my community group from church to go and love on others. You think about doing something like this and think about how great it will be. But you really have no idea how blessed and humble you feel until you actually do take part in it.

serving boys

I went telling myself it’s good for the kids. They need to see that they have it so good. They don’t have to wonder where they are going to sleep tonight. They know and have a bed. I left there thinking no, it was totally for me. I’m the one that was beyond humbled and inspired by the lovely people who came out and let us love on them. One sweet man made it a point to come back over to me and my friend Jenn and tell us, “Thank you for coming out.” No, sir thank you! My children mostly ran around and played under the bridge not really understanding what was going on. They did help us clean up by picking up any trash that was left but for the most part was there as observers. I hope that as we do this more they will understand the impact of what is going on. Today I’m just thankful that we were able to go and be a part of this amazing ministry Pastor Bob has. He’s making his mark on the world and making such a huge difference.

We saw a lot of different kinds of people. One young man looked barely 20. He broke my friend’s heart. One family with young children my kids age came through. The rest were 30-60’s. One man appeared to be in good health but when I tried to offer him dessert he passed saying he’s pre-diabetic. Good for you for watching your health and being on top of it! Of course there was one man we had to talk to our children about. He seemed to be in another world and talked of things my kids couldn’t understand. That was our time to explain how mental illness affects people in many different ways and without help they can turn to drugs or other things to try to treat themselves. He hurt my heart but I have no idea how to help him. For now we will continue to go help at this amazing ministry. Taking me out of my comfort zone is what life is all about if you are truly living! I truly lived today. Did you?

community group serving

 This group is forever changed for the better for serving!

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  1. Thank you for sharing this with us all.. I haven’t ever done anything like this but I hope one day I will. Love to you and your group..

  2. I was just talking to my daughter this morning about doing this with me. We had talked about volunteering in the food pantry at church, but when we drove by a soup kitchen this afternoon, I thought maybe they would allow us to do that as well. Thank you for sharing your experience.

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