Picture Keeper Review

picture keeper

I was given this picture keeper drive as a review item. What it does is hold all the pictures that are held on your computer. So you are given another place to hold them in case your computer dies and takes your pictures with it. This has happened to me. I so realize the importance of having a back up of your computer back up. It was so easy to set up and back up my photos. I simply plugged in my picture keeper drive into my computer. Here’s a quick you tube video on how it works.

It really is as simple as it looks. Then you have the knowledge that if your computer gets a virus or crashes your pictures are safe for you to keep and refer back to for years to come. I did have problems with it on my computer. My computer is a bit older so I’m not sure if it’s a software issue or what. But it worked perfectly and the first time on my hubby’s computer. So I moved my pictures to his computer and backed them up! If you are worried because you just had a new baby or want to just make sure your pictures are protected for the time being the picture keeper is a good way to go! Pictures of my loved ones who are no longer here with me are priceless. Make sure yours are protected too!

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