Dieting Woes

dieting woes

I am getting really tired of struggling with my weight. I have been consistently going to the gym for over a month and am not really seeing a weight loss nor have I seen a huge increase in appetite. How is that possible?  I’ve considered posting pictures and my actual weight so that might motivate me to lose weight and keep it off.  After much thought I’ve decided the first thing I’m going to do is cut out my sugary drinks. I wrote about the side effects of diet sodas and how it was affecting me.  So I basically switched from diet soda to regular. If I’m not drinking soda I’m making sweet tea or kool aid for the kids. The weight I had lost came back pretty quickly. 

So now I’m going to have to go off of all the fully sugared drinks and sodas.  Beginning today. I have already had 2 large glasses of water and a large glass of unsweet tea. I can do this. I Have To Do This. I want this extra weight gone.  I just turned 43 in January and let me tell you it’s not as easy to get that weight off as it used to be.  But I know it can be done. I love watching the Biggest Loser and seeing how successful those people are. It does inspire me to eat better while I’m watching it. We eat pretty healthy here. There are always ways to improve our eating. But to start with I’m going to end my love of soda. It stops now. It’s better for me and my body. Have you tried any new dieting strategies? Would you consider diet aids like red cell press? I’m too chicken to put something I’m not sure of in my body. I know of people who have lost weight using diet aids. Did you? I’d love to hear your weight loss success stories to keep me motivated. Please share them with me in the comments!


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  1. Ok, so three months ago, I embarked on a journy to “heal my gut”, as my chronic (since birth) constipation has caused me medical complications that will need surgery to repair. And because of the type of surgery, I wanted to make sure I was no longer constipated, so that I don’t cause the same issues again, once fixed. I started out doing the SCD, or specific carbohydrate diet, as I felt I had a “leaky gut” and needed to fix that. It was hard to follow, but got me on the path of feeding myself nourishing foods that are whole, organic and home cooked. During this time, I filled my head with all the knowledge of health and digestion that is out there, and three months later have veered off the path of healing my gut, to “healing my body”….I am not following SCD specifically, tho I am following many of their principles. I now only eat whole, organic, and mostly locally grown foods. The only dairy I consume is cheeses made with local, organic raw dairy, milk from local, organic goats, and homemade yogurt with same milk. I eat meats, veggies and fruits that are whole, organic and mostly local if possible. No sweeteners except local, raw honey. NO GRAINS (I know grains are my issue with my belly). NO processed foods or chemicals. NO soft drink – I drink water or PURE diluted fruit juices, or occasionally, unsweet tea. I also eat some fermented foods and take supplements and probiotics. In three months, I have lost 30 lbs. My big goal before surgery is 20 more. My overall goal is 100. I don’t look at food the same way anymore. I just returned home from a two day roadtrip with family, where my food choices were mcdonalds or snacks from gas station…and I am DYING…I would have rather not eaten! I can’t wait to eat whole/clean again. Giving up soft drink is HARD, but your body will thank you for it. If the scale is not moving, you may also want to look at food sensitivies, and consider cutting out some of the worst offenders – dairy and grains. Just my two cents.

    1. Thank you Alice~we rarely eat out and try so hard to stay away from the worst offenders. However we just got back off vaca and we did eat out some. I know whole food, clean eating is the way to go. I just need to get there. What an inspirational story you have! Thank you for sharing. I hope I see a huge change in the scale in the next few months! Positive thoughts and prayers for your surgery to come.

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