Campus Bellhops moves you out of the dorms!


A really young, up and coming, couple of entrepreneurs  started this cool new company.  I love when young minds get together and think of services that haven’t been offered before and market it into a new business. These guys were just college kids themselves when they came up with it. They now have Campus Bellhops at over 50 campuses nationwide.  For usually less than $100 two kids from the local campus will come and move you out of a dorm or into a dorm.  They also handle moves out of houses, storage facilities and apartments too.  You will receive an email with moving information prior to their coming that also includes a bio of the two college movers. 

Here’s some fun moving facts about college. 

  • 60% of college students live in a traditional on-campus dorm as their first college residence
  • Top (heavy!) items that the majority of college kids pack include TVs, Microwave Ovens, Dishes, Storage Bins and Mini Fridges.
  • 56% of college kids pack between 11-15 boxes for a move.
  • 54% of moms compared the college moving experience with unpleasant activities such as a root canal, sitting in traffic or visiting the DMV.
  • 40% of moms said the most unpleasant aspect of moving was carrying heavy items up multiple flights of stairs.
  • 51% of moms said moving their child in/out of a college residence was a physically grueling experience.
  • 59% of moms wish they could have spent more quality time with their college student, instead of loading and unloading boxes.

Having a sophomore in high school I can only begin to understand what these mothers are feeling! I know that when the time comes I’ll want someone to help do the heavy lifting so I can spend those last few minutes with my son! If you’d like to connect with them here’s some of their social channels you can find them on.

Check out Campus Bellhops and let them help you with your college move in or move outs! 


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