3 toxic chemicals to get out of your house immediately! #earthday

toxic chemicals to get out of your houseGreat for Earth Day toxic chemicals to get out of your house!

We’ve been on a journey trying to eat better. That seems to have transposed us to also try to get most chemicals out of our house. We’ve not succeeded but we are trying.  It’s daunting to simply think about getting them out of your house. But there is a simple way to start. Just start with 3.

There are three toxic chemicals to get out of your house that will effect your environment almost immediately. 

1. Triclosan is found in most teeth whitening toothpastes. Make sure it’s not in yours. These chemicals are found to be disruptors in so many ways. They disrupt hormones and expose us to things that we shouldn’t be exposing our children much less our self too. Just use a basic toothpaste that doesn’t have triclosan in it. 

 2.  Antibacterial Soap also has those disruptors in it too. Just a basic soap is all you need to make sure the children’s hands are clean and safe. These hormone disruptors are changing us as a species. Get them out! 

3. Any and all fragrance. We have fragrance in everything. It doesn’t need to be there. Get it out. When you do get rid of fragrance what you have left is a much simpler, fewer ingredient soap, cleaning product, etc.  It’s better for you and your family. 

If you can clean without those toxic chemicals, then do it. Then those toxic chemicals to get out of your house! 

If you can get rid of any cleaning products please do. I have found with having 3 kids I almost always have to clean their bathroom mirror. I have started just putting water on a washcloth and putting it on the mirror and voila the mirror is clean and streak free. I love cleaning with out using toxic chemicals and then to get them out of your house

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11 Replies to “3 toxic chemicals to get out of your house immediately! #earthday”

  1. Well I am so glad I stopped by this site I had no idea that these chemicals were so dangers and I will be checking my toothpaste right away and remove other chemicals although lysol and window cleaner is about what we use for all cleaning except floors and we use swifter wipes for kitchen and bath. I will be checking on the dangers of these products thanks for letting me know

    1. I know the soap and the toothpaste was eye opening to me! Thanks Janet and Annie for reading and stopping by! 🙂

  2. I did not know that antibacterial soup had chemicals….how dumb of me. Thanks for pointing it out.

    1. It’s easy to not think about something we’ve used for years! The fact that a lot of these were hormone inhibitors bothered me a lot Maria!

  3. I had no idea about all of these different products especially the anti bacterial handsoap!! Thanks so much for this post.

  4. I’m so glad i saw this as we use way to much chemicals and im glad to see im not the only one, thankyou for your wonderful tips will give them ago!!

  5. Wow! I’m blown away! I didn’t realize that about the toothpaste or anti-bac stuff. I always assumed that the whitening was just baking soda added. For the anti-bac handsoaps, I just thought they added more alcohol or something to it. I have heard though and I’m not sure why, but I’ve heard that antibacterial products can be harmful to our septic systems. I have NO clue why…a neighbor just told me that one time. Over the last several months, I’ve been making my own laundry detergent. I feel better knowing what is in it plus it’s much more affordable! Thanks for these tips.

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