Me in a Tree uses technology to work with your family not against it!

Me in a Tree brings your family together.

Me in a Tree approached me to do a review of their site and their newest program. I am always excited to find new software that will help me with keeping my family in touch and working together.  The 3 developers wanted a program that would allow the family to stay in touch, schedule things on their calenders, schedule family meetings even plan family nights. So that was the direction that they took with the site. Here’s a screenshot of my family page so you can see all the cool things you can create, schedule,  and look forward too etc.

me in a tree

Me in a Tree focuses on family.

I love the fact that the focus of this website is entirely on family and keeping the communication open. They have options for the parents to give the children chores that are to be done during the week. These chores earn them virtual rewards that they can spend in a video game type setting on their site. What child doesn’t want to play video games. Check out how Me in a Tree works by watching the video below.

Grow a better family with more balance and shared responsibilities by using the Me in a Tree applications.

You can become better organized, manage money and be more plugged in with your family and your children with Me in a Tree. Everyone gets to choose their own avatar and become their own character. It helps you become a better parent not by telling you how but by offering you tools and resources to use.  Right now they are running a special for 12 months of service with this program for 5.99/month. That’s 40% off the regular price. Please visit for more information and to get your free 2 week subscription! If you’ve been looking for a program to keep your family on track try Me in a Tree!

This is a sponsored post and represents my honest opinion of the site. It may differ from yours.

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