Kool Aid dyed Easter Eggs

How to make Kool Aid dyed Easter Eggs 

This is all over Pinterest right now. With my family’s love of Kool Aid we had to make it. I experimented with just 3 colors and loved the results. Here’s what we did.

Kool Aid dyed Easter Eggs in pictures

kool aid dyed easter eggs
Start with hard boiled eggs

Here’s a great hard boiled egg recipe!  

kool aid eggs
Add an entire packet of kool aid to your hard boiled eggs in a bowl of water. Stir first.


kool aid eggs
Look at those beautifully dyed eggs. The color just pops.

 My thoughts on Kool Aid dyed Easter Eggs

I loved this and we will do it again next year. It did make little bubbles appear all over the egg.  Next time I’m adding 1 tsp of vinegar to each kool aid cup. That’s supposed to keep the bubbling at bay! I don’t know about you but I always have kool aid in my cabinets. So if I never remember to get an egg dye kit at the store I’m ok! Try it and let me know your thoughts on Kool Aid dyed Easter Eggs.

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want to dye your Easter eggs in bright colors? You've got to try my kool aid dyed Easter eggs.

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