Easter Egg Nest Sugar Cookies Recipe

Easter Egg Nest Sugar Cookies Recipes are all over the internet.

There especially popular over on pinterest right now. Have you seen them? They look so yummy and delicious. I just had to make them. I did my own cheap version with some ingredients I already had around the house. You can make them too!

easter egg nest sugar cookies

That’s right I used marked down leftover valentine’s cookies that I purchased the day after valentine’s day.  One egg. A stick of butter, I normally only use butter but in sugar cookies I just think margarine tastes better. It’s the one time I use margarine. Robins Eggs from whoppers and some whipped frosting. I forgot the chocolate. Who forgets the chocolate? Oy! Ok, I had some very yummy Aldi dark chocolate that I chomp on when needed. That’s what I ran my knife through to make the nests.

Here’s my recipe in pictures for Easter Egg Nest Sugar Cookies

easter egg nest combined

This is where I combined the egg, the melted butter and the box cookie mix. Stirred until combined and then I dropped it by spoonfuls onto a baking sheet. I’m definitely not the perfect cook. Just a good enough cook!

easter egg drop

Follow the instructions on the back on the box of cookies. I did 350* for 9 minutes. easter egg nest cookies without icing

Uniced and unnested cookies. Time to ice and then add the chopped chocolate.

easter egg nests add chocolate to make nests

A quick chop of some chocolate to make the nests.

easter egg nests iced then add nests

Look how cute they are! Then just add the robin’s eggs from whoppers…our favorite!

Easter Egg Nests Sugar Cookies

Easter Egg Nest Sugar Cookies Recipe tasted as good as the bakery made cookies!

If you try them let me know your thoughts! My kids thought they tasted like the kind you get at bakeries. They were so yummy but promptly caused me to have to workout for 1.5 hours to burn them off! lol. Enjoy your Easter Egg Nest Sugar Cookies.

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