Make money on your college textbooks! Rentback~


Rentback is the new kid in town.

There’s a new way to make money off of your college textbooks. Don’t sell them back to the bookstore at a fraction of the price. Put them on Rentback and let this company rent them out for you.  I never understood why college textbooks were so expensive to purchase. I love that Campus Book Rentals will rent them to you instead. Back when I went you had to purchase them. Then when you went to sell them back to the book store you got pennies on the dollar. That’s just crazy.

Prepping for college: remember Rentback

I have  a teen who is preparing for college as we speak. He’s being pursued by colleges and it’s quite a heady experience. He is making good grades and making us proud. I love that when he goes to college he can purchase (or rent) his textbooks and then if he did purchase them he can turn around and rent them back to other college students to make money. That will be helpful to him and to us. Plus he can make 2-4x more with the Rentback program then he would just selling it back to the bookstore! We are really proud of him. Proud of all he has accomplished and how he plans to drive his career path by going to college. It’s simply amazing to think of him going on to college. Wasn’t he just 2 yesterday?

Make sure as your kids grow up and go to college you utilize the Rentback program so you get to make money on your textbooks.


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