5 Tips to shave without the Pain!

My dear husband taught my son how to shave last year.  It is one of those bittersweet moments for us as parents. I still am in awe that he is able to drive now. We have to let them grow up don’t we. My sweet husband taught him how to shave and gave him some great pointers. There were 5 tips he gave my boy about how to shave without cutting yourself and having pain! They were: 
1. Buy a nice mens razors…make sure you do not get a cheap razor, the nicer razor will give you a smoother shave with less knicks and cuts. This is so important because it’s the nicer razor that will give you the closer shave without the knicks. 
2. Apply shaving cream liberally and make sure you shave in a downward motion. Make the motion consistent and even as you go downward on your cheeks. The more consistent you are the more even the shave. 
3. If you’re a teen like my son do not shave over acne. Let it heal and then shave. IF that means going without shaving then you have to go without shaving. Those areas need to heal before you shave on top of them.  
4. Wipe any residue of shaving cream off with a warm towel.  This feels so good on your face. Let it be part of your routine and you will soon be enjoying the art of shaving. 
5. Apply after shave to soothe your skin. The after shave is so important to your shaving routine. You must do it to soothe your skin and end your routine. You will find if you leave out this important step that you miss it and will not leave it out again. 
Men oftentimes do not do all the steps. Taking care of your face is not just for women. Make sure you take care of your face men. Adding a moisturizer to your routine is a great way to ensure you have healthy skin for the rest of your life.  It’s important and will help you have an easier smoother shave. 

This is a sponsored post however, all the points and views are my own and they may differ from yours.

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