Tips to keep your drains clog free so you don’t need Roto-Rooter

Keeping your drains clog free is a very simple thing to do.

If you can’t keep your drains clog free you can see Roto-Rooter will be there for you! A few simple things for you to do will help you keep your pipes free of debris.


Tips for keeping your drains clog free

1. Do not use a garbage disposal- The only thing that should go down your drain is water and suds! People who have garbage disposals thing food, bones, and other things can go down them. That is so not true. You need to make sure that the only thing you put down your drain is water and the suds from you washing the dishes. If you have a garbage disposal the best thing to do is to stop using it.
2. Try using non chemical ways to unclog your drain.  Chemicals are so harmful to our environment. There are alternatives for every cleaner out there that is non toxic to our Earth. One example is pouring boiling water down your drain and then add some baking soda and vinegar and close the drain. The pressure will loosen the clog. Let it sit for about 3 minutes then open the drain and let water flush the clog out. I’ve used this trick many times to unclog my drain in my bathtub.
3. Clean the hair out of your drain daily. Do not flush it down. The hair that builds up in your shower needs to be removed before it goes down.  I have longish hair and always have and it loves to come out in the shower. This trick keeps my drain clog free. So clean those drains out every day and keep them hair free if you can.

Simple tips can help you keep your pipes clear and drains clog free.

Just by taking these steps you can prevent the need for a plumber most of the time.  If all else fails you know that Roto-Rooter is there for you! Their job is to keep your drains clog free!




This is a sponsored post. However,all the points and views are my own and they may differ from yours.

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  1. Thank you for the tips – My daughter has very long hair and our bathroom drains always clog. I will try the boiling water, vinegar andbaking soda.

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