The Work and Home Problems of a Stressful Job

The Work and Home Problems of a Stressful Job

Some stress at work is normal, but if it exceeds a certain threshold, you could be at risk. Work stress can take a toll on your productivity, health, and personal life. Fast paced business environments can become difficult to cope with, and when all the work goes according to schedule, your health and personal life starts to suffer.

While under the spell of the monotonous and demanding routine, we fail to realize the harm we are doing to ourselves. Not only does work related stress cause emotional and health problems, it can cost you the job as well. Something as minor as stress can have astounding results on your life; whether you make or break it depends on how well you manage stress.

It is not surprising that people with the most nerve-racking jobs are the most successful. Holding an important position in a business organization requires staying stress free and focused; this is the secret behind the success of business executives like PepsiCo’s Indra Nooyi and established author Morgan Chu. They defeat workload and stress, and emerge as winners in the workplace and otherwise!

Avoiding high levels of stress at work can be very simple. The first step is to define some parameters for the workload. No matter how good you are, you cannot say yes to every business project that comes your way. If your schedule is already packed, do not accept more work just because you cannot refuse it. Adding more work before the previous assignments are finished only invites trouble. The bottom-line: when required, learn to say no.

Another surprising remedy for tackling work related stress is getting a good night’s sleep. Believe it or not, the old sayings were actually true; getting up early won’t only get you the worm, it will also make you healthy, wealthy and wise. Lack of sleep can make you groggy, and deteriorate the quality of your work. Not getting enough rest also results in health complications like hypertension and migraines.

Getting to bed early requires finishing off the work ahead of time. A major blunder committed by many is bringing leftover work at home; however, doing that is avoidable if the schedule is well-organized. Keep the evenings reserved for some family and leisure time.

Another mistake you must never commit is to attempt any sort of multitasking. You cannot work, enjoy with family, and stay social, all at the same time.

Learning more and staying up to date with your profession also helps; it boosts confidence and helps you work more efficiently. Steer clear of clutter on your desk, and keep all documentation organized.

Following these little pointers will already cut your stress in half. However, to keep the mind and body healthy you must exercise, practice yoga, or even listen to music. Take adequate breaks, and remember that a vacation or two in a year won’t harm you; but when you are at work, give in your best and keep your focus!

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  1. I totally understand. I had a job that caused me so much stress that I would cry the entire 45 minute drive home. It was good paying, but no amount of money is worth that! Wish I had know more about this.

    1. You are so right. No amount of money is worth that stress. It’s better to cut your spending and try to do something you love, even if it pays less. happier you is a happier home!

  2. I have been closing the laptop earlier and reading a book or talking to my husband for a few minutes before going to bed. I feel much better getting 2 more hours of sleep. I know there will always be work to do, but a woman needs to sleep too.

    Great post.

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