Green Carpet Cleaning

My upstairs carpet looks like 3 kids were raised on it. Oh, that’s probably because 3 kids are being raised on it and one of them is 16 and been on this carpet since he was 21 months.  I have got to find someone to do the carpet cleaning or find something that will take the spots out but using environmentally friendly products.  As I looked around online I found green carpet cleaning new york I loved the look of their site and they way they explain what they use and how it cleans.  They are even running a special on deep carpet cleaning for $29.99 off.

They explain why to clean your house using organics. It is so important to keep the chemicals out of your house. So important for you and for your kids to not have toxic cleaners. You can get your house cleaned it so many easy ways. Using baking soda and vinegar will get most surfaces clean, including mirrors. The only other product I might add would be a degreaser. With these 3 items you can clean surfaces, mirrors and even windows. What more do we need? If you have carpet make sure you keep the green cleaners in mind. They will give you piece of mind as they clean the years of living out of your carpet.

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  1. I switched to green cleaning products about a year ago but I’ve never heard of a green carpet cleaner and I love the idea of that!

  2. I know how you feel. I have 4 kids and my 16 year old son is a slob. Green products are great and cleaning the carpet with them would give me piece of mind.

  3. Oh, I always need something to clean our carpets. I’m glad we have mostly wood/tile floors but the carpet we do have is constantly being scrubbed, trying to keep up with the mess. Thanks for this post!

  4. I think no chemicals is a good thing. I wonder if my cat gets sick from chemicals. Thanks for the recommendation. kristiedonelson(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you.

  5. Water is one of the most precious commodities on earth but is often wasted. Professional carpet cleaners can clean an area of about five rooms in two gallons of water, where on other hand traditional carpet cleaners use 40-60 gallons of water for same area of 5 rooms. What we need to follow is green approach to carpet cleaning.

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