Does your spouse have a mancave?


We are debating on building a house on some land that we own. My hubby is talking about our bonus room. I keep telling him we don’t need a bonus room I’d rather make the other rooms in the house bigger. He has a small point I had to concede though. I bought him a mancave sign and he has no where to put it in this house either.  That’s a bit sad. So, what to do? He is a technician at a car dealership. He has tons of tools and items that need to have a proper home. I guess maybe I can hang his sign in the garage with his tools?

I am not sure that will work with him. He is probably going to read this and be so irritated with me. What is a girl to do? I guess I should give him a mancave for his gaming devices. He can share them with his children and that would leave me the bedroom all to myself. Oh yeah! He purchases otc tools all the time.  It’s a big tax write off for us. He needs them to do his job and his job does not reimburse him from needing all these tools. Most of the tools will fit in our garage but there are some things I know he needs a mancave for.  Let’s hope we can make the new house all everyone will need.


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