Which Neighborhood is For You?

Moving to any new location might be intimidating, especially if that new place is New York City. Those who are new to the city will need some help finding the most suitable place to live in any of the five boroughs. Whether you are a single businesswoman, a family with three children or a young couple, there is a niche in New York that will work for you.

Manhattan is the most densely populated of the New York boroughs, resting across several small islands. Businesspeople will find Manhattan to be a convenient place to live. As the financial capital of the world, this borough is considered wealthy. Manhattan’s neighborhoods include Tribeca, which has extremely low crime rates. The Lower East Side is a prestigious area for young singles to live, especially considering the zany nightlife and active art scene. Make sure you find a midtown parking lot to save yourself time and money.

Staten Island, located in southwest New York City, is separated from the other boroughs by the New York Bay. Though it is not the smallest borough, it is the least populated. Several neighborhoods on the island feature historical districts with Victorian homes. Residents may get to Manhattan for work by way of a free ferry, while also maintaining a fairly suburban life otherwise. Unfortunately, Staten Island has a reputation for bad traffic and unpleasant smelling air.

The easternmost part of New York City is Queens, which is the second largest borough in population. It is the most ethnically diverse part of the city, with more than two million residents. Houses range from high density apartments to suburban family homes, making it ideal for families and singles looking for affordable housing.

Brooklyn is the borough with the most residents, though Queens is a close second. The independent art scene attracts young singles, couples and college students. This area features a long beachfront in addition to stellar transportation. There is no need to own a car, as buses, subways and taxis are readily available. The biggest disadvantage to living in Brooklyn is the high crime rate.

The northern part of New York City, known as The Bronx, is part of the city’s mainland. The Bronx includes Yankee Stadium and the local zoo. Unlike midtown parking in Manhattan, parking is relatively easy in this borough. Drug use and crime are considered high in the borough, but this has been changing. The Bronx features a few of the top schools in the city.

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