Uniforms are a lot like life

Wait, no they’re not. Everyone is different. We are different in how we talk, dress, what we eat and like. Uniforms are like your best girl friend. They are steady and always there for you.  My hubby wears a uniform to work. I have to tell you I know sometimes he doesn’t like it. But other times it just makes his life easier. He knows what he will be wearing and he always looks professional. It takes less time for him to get ready for his day and he’s ready without giving a thought to his clothing.

Children sometimes wear uniforms to school. I understand the reasoning behind it and am all for it. It helps keep everyone on an even playing field but it does seem to take away the way they express themselves in their dress. My kids do not have to wear uniforms to the school that they go to. Do yours? Do you find you like your kids wearing uniforms or prefer them to wear their own clothes? I can see both sides. I can’t imagine how much easier it makes for kids to get dressed every morning. But I know my girl and her love for her sassy tees and cute skirts. What do you think are you for uniforms?


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  1. I definitely agree it would be so much easier to get ready for work or school with uniforms. Being a WAHM, I don’t have to think about my wardrobe a whole lot really. However, my husband wears a uniform to work and he does like the ease of getting ready each day. But once he is home he can’t wait to shower and change into something more “him” like jeans and a t-shirt. My children are too young to really have to worry about this right now, but my 3 year old daughter loves her pinks and purples lol.

  2. My children do wear uniforms at school, and while I thought I would dislike it, I find that I actually really like it. We always know what they are going to wear and no one has to worry about someone getting picked on for not having “cool” clothes. I do find that it takes a little more time for me to get things ready during the week though b/c I have to iron clothes for all of my boys every day, but I still prefer the uniforms. I have to say that I have saved a ton of money also b/c I don’t have to buy Under Armour and all of the other name brand clothing near as much. 😉

  3. I think everyone has their role in uniforms…children or adults…it helps everyone compartmentalize their roles accordingly.

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