Toyota ownership review

We’ve had a Toyota in our family for years. I may be a bit biased on their quality and worth. In my driveway right now I have a 1992 Toyota Camry that is running fine. It was my dad’s car before he died and now it’s my son’s car.  We also have a 1994 Toyota small sized truck and we’ve had both cars for years and they are both drivable and we drive them weekly. My dear husband is wanting a new Toyota Tundra. If your wondering what the is it’s the price of the car and a good 20 years of service from your vehicle. We’ve had not only these 2 cars but also a 97 Toyota 4runner that we dearly loved. We got into a bind and had to sell it to pay our bills. We were glad we had it. We were also glad it was a Toyota because that meant that it held it’s value and we were going to get top dollar for this truck.

We have had Toyota cars and trucks since the 1990’s and they have always proved to be a reliable trustworthy vehicle. I’m thankful that we have had them and that they are still running today! Toyota builds cars and trucks to last!





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  1. My Grandmother bought a 2002 Toyota Rav4 brand new off the lot, she passed away in 2005 and we bought her Toyota from the estate. That Rav4 has 257,000 miles on it now! I hope it has another 100,000! LOL Toyota makes wonderful vehicles!

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