Top 5 Most Popular Online Flash Games

Flash games are free, easy to get in to, and yet still somehow seem to suck hours from your day if you let them. With games in every genre and style known to man, there is always something for anyone. Below are five of our favourite Flash games of all time.

Kingdom Rush
A game in the mega-popular Tower defence genre, Kingdom Rush adheres largely to the traditional formula of that type of game. Players have several tower types they can build along a road leading to a castle or other defensible position; enemies will walk down that road, with the player losing if a specified number of them are able to reach the goal.

Where Kingdom Rush shines among the hundreds of other tower defence options is its polish (the game has a simple, but attractive, cartoonish art style); level up and talent point system, where good performance awards you with stars that let you choose new powers and upgrades to help your quest; and a huge amount of content, thanks largely to each of the twenty-some stages having multiple challenge modes that award you with additional power-increasing stars – which you will need, because the game gets very difficult pretty quickly!

Burrito Bison Revenge
A tremendously amusing take on the Launcher subgenre of flash games, where the player attempts to propel his avatar as far as possible over and over, collecting money to purchase distance-increasing upgrades along the way, until eventually he can reach some far-off goal.  Burrito Bison is a shining example of the genre due largely to its amusing premise: a bison professional wrestler, after having lost his wallet, must fight his way through Candyland beating up as many gummi bears as he can along the way to get it back.

While the gameplay seems initially simple, the player is afforded a pleasantly large amount of control in the air, allowing him to try and make contact with various types of gummi bears to get money and speed boosts to let him launcher farther.

Bloons TD 5
Another Tower Defence game, Bloons TD5 is the fifth in a very long-running series, and it is appropriately the best yet released. BTD5 is a bit more free than Kingdom Rush, with the player able to build towers anywhere along the path that he or she wishes, as opposed to the prescribed tower locations in KR. The gameplay is a lot more frantic, too, since most enemies (all balloons) take a lot of hits to go down. A very wide range of towers and a satisfying upgrade system give it a healthy dose of strategy with a simpler, more light-hearted nature.

Learn to Fly 2
Another launcher game, but in an entirely different style, Learn to Fly 2 stars a penguin who wants to, well, learn to fly. He does this by strapping himself into various locomotive devices and rolling down a hill to launch off a ramp. At the start, he has only his belly. By the end, he might be launching off with a jet.
While Burrito Bison Revenge focuses on hitting enemies and launchers once you’re in the air, Learn to Fly 2 focuses more on the mechanics of gliding, requiring proper usage of gliding angle and boosts to keep moving forward. It seems simpler at first glance, but with a fleshed out achievement system signifying what might be possible if you really know what you’re doing, you are quickly made aware of the depth the game has.

Pandemic 2
The originator of the now-famous Internet joke about Madagascar, Pandemic 2 has the player craft a bacteria, virus, or parasite and attempt to infect and kill off the entire world. The more success you have at spreading, the more you can upgrade your disease to make it more survivable, more contagious, or more lethal. But as the governments of the world become aware of the pandemic, they attempt to counter the disease’s spread by shutting borders, closing ports, and eventually working to construct a vaccine. The balancing act between spreading while remaining covert enough to find your way into every country is one that will have you coming back over and over to try again.

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