Sibu Beauty Review and Giveaway

sibu beauty review


Sibu Beauty has natural organic beauty products.

They all have this refreshing light orange scent and I really do enjoy that smell. It’s not heavy and cloying, just light and refreshing. When I put the Sibu Beauty sea buckthorn body cream on it goes on and soaks in fast. None of their products are greasy or pore clogging either.  I put on the Sibu beauty sea buckthorn daytime facial cream and a lot of times when you put on your day or night cream it is very greasy. Again, Sibu beauty was not greasy at all. My face feels hydrated. This products is touted as rejuvenating sun damaged skin, promoting tissue recovery and healing, 100% all natural ingredients and that it works well with all skin types. I believe that they know their product and what they claim appears to be true to the experience I have had with them.

Sibu Beauty hydrating serum quickly absorbs.

It doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve greased your face to get it to absorb. It does it without any greasy residue left on your skin. I have to say as a mom with severely dry skin I am so impressed with how this is absorbed and how it leaves my skin feeling amazing! This product is infused with vitamins and hyaluronic acid and sea buckthorn. It fortifies the skin to fight the aging process and also helps promote tissue repair at the cellular level. And it smells so nice too!

Sibu Beauty sea buckthorn cleansing face and body bar works great.

It’s pure and simple. With my extremely dry skin it’s nice to know I can use a cleanser and not worry about how my face is going to react. My face loves the face and body bar. It’s simple and it works. That’s all I need to know. The organic and natural qualities to the bar only accentuate my love for it. Thank you Sibu Beauty for making a lovely line of products for us to use. Want to try some for yourself? Enter the giveaway for the Sibu Beauty box giveaway with lovely items similar to mine in your own box.

I was given a box of Sibu Beauty products to use so that I can write my review. It didn’t affect my opinions of the products and this reflects my honest opinion. It may differ from yours. FTC guidelines regulations.

31 Replies to “Sibu Beauty Review and Giveaway”

  1. My skin is dry but my husband has psoriasis and sea buckthorn is great for that condition.

  2. I love SIBU, they are offering such great products from men’s shaving kits to ladies creams! the Omega 7’s are so yummy

  3. I don’t treat myself to much as a mom – but body washes and lotions are my favorite items to pick up when I do spend on myself! Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. I have dry skin all the time. It is especially worse in the winter. Anything for dry skin would be wonderful!!

  5. I have combination skin and I’d love to try the Sibu products! Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  6. I had never heard of Sebu products. Thanks for doing such a great review on them….and a giveaway!

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