My New Years Intentions

I thought about this a lot this last week. Should I make resolutions? I have a lot of things I intend on doing.  Things that will help small businesses and help the environment too. Here are my New Years Intentions.

1. Avoid fast food restaurants and eat at the locally owned mom and pop restaurants, which of course includes Mexican and Chinese as well! We don’t eat out much at all with a family of 5 so this will just make us have to continue to save up until we can eat at those restaurants.

2. Buy products that do not test on animals. I bought my first moisturizer that I read isn’t tested on animals. Yay!

3. Eat meat one meal a day or less. This is just for me and not my family. However, I plan on making my one meal with meat hopefully it will be some kind of casserole so that it uses less meat. The environmental aspect of the raising of cows, chickens, etc and the inhumanely way they are treated is affecting my conscience greatly. I have to do my part to help out if at all possible.  Watch Hungry for Change if you can and see if it doesn’t make you call for change.

4. Craft and create projects (one a month) that I can give as Christmas presents next December. Get organized!

5. Shop locally and purchase my eggs/veggies (the ones I don’t grow) from a local farmer.

6. Plant a bigger garden and do a better job tending to it this year.  A month in Florida tends to make ones garden die. I’ll not be down there that much this year as I start a new job tomorrow.

7. Write more quality content and increase my readers without using giveaways as much if at all possible.

8. Find ways to decrease spending in all areas of my life.

9. Live with intention this year. Focus more on my husband and children and less on the black box that tends to suck me in and waste my time!

10. Live positively and love with all my heart. Last year was hard with losing my dad. I want to make sure the people I am close to know I love them and genuinely want to spend time with them. People are what’s important. Not working more or being on the computer more. Intentionally live and love and your 2013 should be the best year yet!

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