Freezing temperatures and outside pets

In the last week we went from lovely 63* weather right back down to 33* weather. Welcome to Tennessee where if you wait a minute the temperature will change!  Ugh, I miss the sun and I miss the warmer weather. Last night we let my cat sleep inside.  She’s an outside kitty but with really cold temperatures we let her in. So, about 4 a.m. I hear this sound. It’s one I’m not used to hearing and hard for me to identify. I finally decide it’s the cat and she’s losing a battle with a hairball. Yuck. It’s dark and the middle of the night and I can’t find it. Morning comes and I begin to get the kids out of bed and we slowly move to the kitchen. I found it. Yay, me. NOT.

It’s on my carpeted stairs. The only place we have carpet in the downstairs is on the stairs. I guess I get to go find me an area rug cleaner later after I pick up the kids from school. Do you let your outside pets in when the temperatures drop? I can’t leave her out there to freeze. My kids love her so much and she is a really good inside outside cat. Remember your pets in these cold winter months!

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  1. Hairball…gross! Murphy’s law it was on the carpet, right?

    My little family only has one indoor dog, but when I was growing up my family had several outdoor pets in the country. We had a barn and during the very cold Winter days and nights we would make “beds” to keep our outdoor pets warm and sheltered from the cold. If it was extreme temperatures we would bring them in to sleep in the basement where we had a wood burner. As a kid I loved when our pets came inside!

  2. yeah i keep my dogs inside, if i take outside for a walk i dress them up, min pins seem to not have in their coats what alot of other dogs do, they get ral cold fast and real hot fast
    great post thanks

  3. I keep my pets in. Missouri is cold too. I used to live in Tennessee and sure miss it.

  4. My dogs sleep in overnight but both my parents let their cats in and out overnight as they see fit. But they are in FL so temperatures are not a huge concern!

  5. This is such a great reminder. It makes me so sad when I see dogs and cats outside in the cold! I wish people would keep their pets indoors.

  6. good topic … we’re on a farm here, the dogs like being in the warm house… one is an actual house dog and the other, aussie cross, is in and out whenever she wants… they do love to play in the snow

  7. We never kept our dog outside during the winter, we have a heated porch and in the winter he slept there nice and toasty – I hope everyone that owns a pet takes good care of them. They are part of the family.

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