Cost of e-learning and instructor led training

I was looking at this infographic comparing the amount of hours and expense when using an instructor based course and an e-learning course. Being a former elementary teacher this really fascinated me. I loved that they broke it down so far as to see what they included in each area. For instance they had 6.7 hours went into instructional design and 13.42 hours into authoring and programming. Lean forward is on the cutting edge of their research and planning of e-learning. Let’s look at the infographic.
The True Cost of 1 Hour of Learning - Infographic
Leanforward – eLearning Solutions


As a teacher that taught in the classroom and in the e-learning field I think they are spot on.  It doesn’t go into which one gives you the best educational teaching. That’s for each individual person to decide. Only you know if you do better on your own or in a real classroom. Make sure you check out their pros and cons and hopefully it will help you make an educated decision. One that will help you decide whether you finish online or in a classroom. They have online homeschooling classes for elementary, middle and even high school. Not to mention the online college world that is taking the internet by storm.  Make an informed decision that will work best for your family!

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  1. This gives some great insight in how the “convenience” of e-learning for the student and can help justify the additional cost for taking an online course versus an instructor led course in a classroom.

  2. Wow! It’s amazing how much time goes into course prep! I love the graphic – really easy to understand! Thanks!

  3. It makes me feel quite bad now about taking for granted all the courses I have been sent on, just didnt realise how much time was put into it all.

  4. I I love this! We homeschool and even for just a one-on-one lesson I put so much tme into prep! E-learning is something I’ve been trying lately with all the great educational websites for kids out there and they make life a little easier many days!!

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