5 Tips for Traveling with Children

traveling with children

Traveling with Children

As a mom of 3 busy children we’ve done some traveling. I’ve learned over time how to travel with my kids and still bring my sanity with me.

Here’s some tips for staying sane while traveling with children!

1. Bring what you need for the baby on the plane! Bottles, snacks, books, small toys will all help keep the youngest ones content while you are traveling on the plane. My baby needed her bottle on the plane for the depressurization of the plane (popping of the ears). Their sucking on the bottles help with that.

2. For older children bring books to read or activity books to do. My kids love the search a word, sodoku and even Highlights magazine. Giving them something that is educational is a wonderful way to start off your trip.

3. If you have handheld gaming items they are a great way for children to pass the time. I have books loaded on my iPad for my children so it’s another win/win.

4. Your phone could be another source of entertainment. I always try to find super fun inexpensive games to keep loaded on there. My kids love to make videos and take pictures and that’s another great way for them to pass the time. I can totally see my 10 and 7 year old making a you tube video on traveling by plane!

5. Finally, remember that stress free traveling is an oxymoron.  Make sure you give your children your full attention on the plane and reassurance if needed.  All kids want their parents attention. What better time to give it to them then when you are traveling with children and on your way to your lovely holiday accommodation.


This is my honest opinion and it may differ from yours.This is sponsored content for hotels and traveling with your children.



9 Replies to “5 Tips for Traveling with Children”

  1. Oh, just in time! We are talking about and starting to plan our first family vacation.. with three kids! 🙂 These tips are just in time! Thanks 🙂

  2. Great tips! We are always looking for something to keep our 2 occupied whenever we are in the car. I hadn’t thought about word searches or puzzle books. This will be a great addition to the travel bag! Thanks so much for posting!

  3. Excellent tips! I do keep a whole stack of games in the car at all times so the kids can stay busy during the trip and when we get to our destination.

  4. All your tips ring true. As someone who’s been on a few trips with small children in tow, I think you’ve covered all the essential requirements to keep them occupied.

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