Christmas In Riverside: Traditional Christmastime Activities

If you live in or near Riverside you have wonderful opportunities to enjoy Christmastime traditions. This includes everything from decorating Christmas trees to relaxing to the sounds of the 48-bell Holiday Carillon Recital. Music after all, is a major part of the holiday season; it seems to be integrated as the soundtrack of most holiday traditions.

Some people tend to do the same things every holiday season. This may include traditions that have been enjoyed for generations or ‘new’ traditions that are unique to the individual or family. Either way, Christmas traditions lend a certain feeling of comfort and for some, traditions can be the basis that gives the holiday meaning. Continue reading for information about some of the all-time favorite holiday traditions.

Long-Lived Christmas Traditions

The Yule Log – The tradition of burning a Yule log is included in many Christmas celebrations. But of course, not everyone has a fireplace. The tradition has evolved nowadays to that of log-shaped Christmas desserts and cakes, which are sometimes called chocolate logs.

Christmas Caroling – Many people enjoy spreading the spirit of Christmas with traditional Christmas carols. Groups of individuals travel the neighborhood to sing the songs of Christmas. This is a wonderful way to have fun while bringing joy to others. It can create a feeling of unity among a group and in most cases all are welcomed to join in the activity. Some people begin taking music lessons in Riverside, CA early in the year to prepare themselves for Christmas caroling.

Christmas Trees – Any tree can be decorated as a Christmas tree, however most people prefer evergreens such as fir or pine trees. Christmas trees can be real trees that have been cut, live trees, or artificial trees, which are available in a wide range of colors and sizes. Long ago Christmas trees were typically decorated with nuts and fruits and later on with candles. The trend now is to use modern ornaments and to top the tree with a Christmas star or angel.

Christmas Stockings – A favorite Christmas tradition is that of hanging Christmas stockings on the mantle or along the staircase. These stockings are expected to be filled with wonderful gifts from Santa. In some places around the world a similar tradition is followed. Shoes are left outside the door or next to the hearth.

The mild temperatures in Riverside make it possible to indulge in nearly every Christmastime tradition imaginable. Whether your preference is gathering around a piano to spend time with friends and family singing Christmas carols or you prefer gliding under the stars at an outdoor ice skating rink, Riverside is a great place to be during the holidays.

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