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We’re all familiar with the common types of instruments, such as guitars, drums or flutes. My son even plays violin. These are the things we see in music halls, in bars or just about any place that has a musical bent. However, just because something is common doesn’t mean it’s the only thing out there.

In fact, it might benefit you to find out about uncommon instruments, if only for the sole reason that it widens your musical horizons. This post will focus on one such instrument, which you may or may not know about. Do you  know what it is?

It’s the diatonic harmonica.

Now, diatonic harmonicas, according to this Wikipedia section, refer to various kinds of single-key harmonica. The Tremolo, blues and octave harmonica can all be classed as diatonic, though the specific naming depends on usage and sometimes even geographic location.

Semantics aside though, diatonic harmonicas can be a great instrument to begin with.

In addition to relative ease of use, harmonicas may also provide you with a certain link to the past, if not a full-blown sense of musical nostalgia. If you have the instrument in your hands, you just might feel transported to earlier times, complete with images of your grandfather playing it on the porch.

Genre-wise, you may also find yourself feeling connected to musicians of the past and present, especially those involved with the blues, country, rock and roll, or folk categories. As you can see, the instrument lends itself to a wide variety of applications, which allows for versatility and resilience. For you as a musician,  this represents more opportunities and situations where you can experiment.

Having said that, diatonic harmonicas are but one of the many uncommon instruments you can play.

This post has shown you the possibilities of the harmonica instrument class, but as mentioned earlier, don’t let that limit you. You are perfectly allowed to pick other instruments, depending on your interests and fancies as an individual.

After all, music is made great in large part by its sheer variety, so feel free to add your own unique spin to the way things are currently done. Whether you choose diatonic harmonicas or some other instrument like a celesta, a euphonium or a saxophone, remember that the choice is truly yours.

Just remember to embrace the joy and freedom music brings, and to express yourself through the notes you play and the instruments you choose.


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