Fog free Shaving Mirror #myunentitledlifeholidaygiftguide

Here’s a great item for the men in your life. This is a great fog free mirror that attaches to your shower wall so your partner/friend can get their face cleaned and shaved while in the shower too. All you have to do is put the mirror under the water stream and let it heat up from the water. That will allow it to stay fog free while he shaves. It’s a nice item that isn’t too costly and would be a perfect stocking stuffer. By shaving in the shower it allows your face to be more moisturized when the razor glides over the skin. The hair strength is then reduced allowing more hair to be removed from his beautiful face. The hair then goes down the drain saving you from cleaning the sink and counter area. It’s a total win/win for your face, clean up area and their skin. Make sure you pick one up for your friend today.


My hubby used this in the shower, and now shaves regularly there, and says it works very well. ┬áHe’s very pleased because it cuts down on razor burn.

The manufacturer of this item is in Knoxville, TN. It’s made in America. They also hire workers with developmental disabilities. It gives them a job, job skills, confidence and independence. This company gets a 2 thumbs up in a circle from me!

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