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I was so excited to receive this scale in the mail. It’s the Eat Smart scale with precision tracker. I unpackaged it and got to work on the work of weighing myself daily. I gain and lose the same 3 lbs. Anyone else relate? Oy! I want to lose that weight forever and keep it going the other direction.

One of the things I love the most about this scale is that it lights up.  You didn’t actually think you were going to see my weight did you? As if. lol So, first thing in the morning when I crawl out of bed and head to wake the kids up I can weigh without turning the lights on and waking my husband. Love that feature so much. It’s something you don’t think about. But you weigh yourself most often first thing in the morning. So, having it lit up prevents you from waking everyone in the room.

It weighs accurately and consistently. It has a very thin frame (1/4 inch) and is very lightweight, < 2 lbs. I’ve been very happy with this scale. It has a lot of cool features like the ability to track your weigh ins and know who you are by weight. The problem is I haven’t taken the time to learn how to get it all set up. I will, one day, though! If you are looking for a good scale make sure you put this one on your list.  To win one from the holiday gift guide wait for the rafflecopter to load and enter to win!

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    1. that is awesome! I love reading these. Have hope friends. I need to do it too. Together we can get this weight off!

  1. I’d track 3 or 4 pounds – don’t laugh, not for me. My seventeen year old cat has gotten too skinny. I’m trying to fatten him up with canned food, but don’t have a scale to see how he’s doing. I’d use the scale to track his weight gain.

  2. I need to lose a lot, too embarrassed to say and be honest about it. This would definitely come in handy with my long journey!

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