Diagnosing ADD in children, continued.

If you missed last weeks post you can find it on Medicating my child.

So, after the sleep study we gave up. We had no answers and couldn’t figure out what the problem was. Enter fourth grade year. This year he begins changing classes. Keeping up with homework from multiple teachers, papers, and books was not even happening. I was shocked at the first 9 weeks report. Well, to be honest, we never made it to 9 weeks. Around 4 weeks I began getting notes and called into talk to teachers. Now to be clear this happens to a lot of children. My first son had this problem too. But he didn’t have an anger issue confusing things. Before 5 grade was over we got him organized. Just because they are disorganized doesn’t mean they have ADD. But it was like the light finally went off in me. I came home and began googling like crazy. What causes anger in young children? Why can’t my child get organized? Then I called my primary doctor.

They had me come in and copied off a book of paperwork for both the teachers and me. I filled my part out and sent the rest in to his teachers. We both pretty much had the same answers. The questions they ask are measuring if they have emotional issues or behavoiral disorders as well. So, if you do get the paperwork don’t be discouraged thinking there is something wrong. They have to be thorough. After filling my part out and theirs I took the paperwork back to the doctor. Scheduled an appointment about 10 days later so he could have time to review all the answers we had given.

When we entered the office you could almost see the relief on my sweet boys face. Finally, someone was helping. They brought us in and put us in a room. He laid on the table and tried to wait patiently. It didn’t work. When the doctor finally came in the relief for everyone was palpable. Our doctor is wonderful. He took time to ask my boy some questions to get a full picture of what was going on.

One more week for all the answers to be revealed. Here’s next weeks post about getting medication and ADD. Find out if it worked. 

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