ADD and medicine…did it work?

If you missed out on my first two posts you can see the first one Medicating your Children and the second one Diagnosing ADD.

As the doctor and I continued to talk, and it took awhile (20 minutes or more) my sweet boy fell asleep. If he gets still he falls asleep (another reason we had the sleep study done). The doctor decides that yes, it does sound like ADD and he gave me some different samples to try. We tried one and then switched to another. He’s been on the meds now for over 6 weeks and we are seeing such an improvement. He’s not perfect. But guess what? His anger is gone. Someone once described it to me like this. It’s like my brain is always switching channels. Can you imagine going to school all day with a brain changing channels all the time on you and then coming home. The anger is over stimulation and fatigue! My brain couldn’t take that.

His teachers are still sending me emails about him losing this and forgetting that. But they are more tolerant and kinder to him. Last Friday night I got this email, “I love your kid!!! Uh, but he forgot xyz.” LOL This made me so happy. My sweet boy feels better. He can focus more and the first few weeks he was on the meds he went into his room and made him a desk for his homework. We also bought him a zip up binder so he has no excuse for papers falling out!

I’m embarrassed to say that I pulled away from friends because of this. We, as parents, feel like it’s something we have done wrong and I didn’t want people to think I was a bad person for the way my son behaved. How sad is that? It’s true though. We are judgmental as parents. It’s much nicer to say, “Oh wonder what’s wrong with them or glad that’s not me” then to see the child as the wonderful person God made.

Let’s just love instead of judge. None of us are perfect. I am the least perfect person I know. We are just works in progress and our children are too. I’m so thankful for my son. He’s taught me more about being a parent then I ever thought I could learn. I failed him in so many ways. I only hope this helps increase his self confidence and feel good about himself. Thank you son for not judging me! I <3 U!

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