7 Ways to Bond with Your Husband During Pregnancy

ways to bond with your husband during pregnancy

7 Ways to Bond with your husband during Pregnancy

So you’re pregnant. This is wonderful news.  However, even good news can be stressful if you are not prepared. As your pregnancy progresses, you will need to take steps to prepare for the successful birth of child. This is an excellent time for everyone to be involved, not just the mother. Bonding during pregnancy is only the beginning of your lifelong journey with your new family. Check ot these 7 ways to bond with your husband during pregnancy.

  1. Take a Lamaze class together.  Lamaze is a great chance for you and your partner to bond while preparing for the strain you are going to endure during labor. Your husband can help talk you through it and utilize this natural pain management technique.
  2. Exercise together. If you are both willing, pregnancy yoga has many benefits. Yoga is a great way to relieve stress and strengthen muscles. This low impact exercise can also help with your breathing. Do not attempt yoga or other exercise in the first trimester. Always get an exercise plan approved by your doctor before starting, to avoid risks.
  3. Prepare the baby room together. Include your husband in all decisions regarding the baby room and safe proofing the house. Enlist his help with decorating. Ask him to paint the room your chosen color, as paint fumes can be dangerous during pregnancy. Go shopping together and choose your baby’s items together. Include your husband when creating your baby registry.
  4. Take turns reading aloud to the baby. This will help you both emotionally bond with the baby. Your baby will constantly be developing hearing. Around 23 weeks the baby will begin to hear sounds from outside of his or her cushion of amniotic fluid and womb. This will help your baby recognize your voices and form a bond to both of you once he or she is born.
  5. Communicate. This is especially important during pregnancy. Talk to each other about how you feel during the pregnancy. This is an important skill to build both during pregnancy and after the baby is born.
  6. Bring your husband to prenatal appointments. Including your husband in doctor visits and ultrasounds will make him feel included and let him experience firsthand the joy of hearing and seeing your baby in utero.
  7. Be prepared for anything. No one wants to think about what could go wrong during a pregnancy. However, in reality it is important to at least discuss what you would do in the case of your baby being sick or injured. Some people may consider looking into a birth injury firm. Make informed decisions together on what you would want to do in this case so there are no misunderstandings should this unfortunate event occur.
7 ways to bond with your husband during pregnancy
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7 ways to bond with your husband during pregnancy
what can you do to connect and bond more with your husband and the baby? I've got 7 ways to bond with your husband during pregnancy.
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