Frankenweenie Review and cool printables from the movie

My family of five loaded up our van yesterday with excitement and joy. We were having a big day out as a family. The kids were eeriely quiet and smiling, cue spooky music (the kind Tim Burton would use). They were pumped to go see this movie. I have 3 kids, my teen who is 15, my middle who is 9 (about to be 10) and my baby who is 6. We hurriedly rushed to our seats after our cell phones were confiscated and we were wanded (gasp, yes movie premiers are top secret and we must make sure we are all safe!)to make sure we weren’t packing heat! Once seated the questions began, “when is it going to start?” “how come it’s not started yet?” etc. We hadn’t even seen the movie and the kids were driving us to drink. Well, to be truthful that’s a daily occurrance at our house! ha!

The Frankenweenie movie is in black and white and is from the creative mind of Tim Burton. The premise is about a boy and his dog, fitting in at school and wanting to make friends. The movie gave us all kinds of warm fuzzies. It related to each and every one of my children and they all 3 expressed how much they enjoyed it. That’s saying something to hear it from a teenager’s mouth. The parents, well, we enjoyed it too. It was a sweet movie that touched our hearts and even made us laugh quite a few times. I’d give it 3.6 stars out of 5! Take your kids and go see it. You will be entertained.

My son’s birthday is coming up and I printed out the pin the tail on Sparky page to use at his party. I also printed off the Frankenweenie maze and we will be making the worms in dirt as his birthday dessert for his big 10 birthday party!

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